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How many senses do we have?

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Have you ever heard of the sixth sense? Or seventh and even eighth?

Even though we use the sixth sense in place of intuition, our brains are equipped to sense more than our five senses. One of them is called interoception which means to be aware of our bodily state through internal perception. Our emotions and biological feedback can be traced to our bodies.

You may be thinking that when will I need this quality in daily life anyway?

The answer may change your mind because this skill is key to self-regulation which enables us to choose our behaviors instead of just reacting.

Interoception focuses on internal sensations, such as the muscular system, breathing, temperature, pulse, or touch. Identifying the signals of mood changes in the body helps us to notice our needs for self-regulation. Interoception activities teach us to connect with these.

Tips for improving interoception:

  1. Practice body scan meditations

  2. Try mindful breathing

  3. Track and note body signals for thirst, hunger, or temperature

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